Our products are based on the principles of Interconnectivity, Flow & Balance℠ and designed to provide fresh insights you can use to facilitate the transformation of your work environment by strengthening trust, emotional intelligence, interconnectivity, and leadership.


IFB Book

In organizational ecosystems, change is constant. Everything’s interconnected, and the continuous everyday interactions between and amongst the ecosystem’s people and their environment create a state of balance.


Trust Style Inventory

The TRUST STYLE INVENTORY uses validated questions from the Six Seconds (SEI) emotional intelligence assessment, providing valuable insights into how people trust. It measures TRUST style from 3 perspectives.


Trust Reflection Cards

The Trust Reflection Cards are designed to stimulate your thinking about how you can build trust in a new relationship, heal a damaged one, or let go of your expectations in relationships that are over.

Emotional Intelligence Products


E.Q. Librium

E.Q. Librium helps you to develop your ability to use your Emotional Quotient (EQ) to achieve self-regulation in emotionally charged situations.