Trust Style Inventory
Available in January 2019
Trust Style Inventory
Available in January 2019

The TRUST STYLE INVENTORY uses validated questions from the Six Seconds (SEI) emotional intelligence assessment, providing valuable insights into how people trust. It measures TRUST style from THREE perspectives: INTEGRITY; EMOTIONAL MASTERY; and your WE DISPOSITION. This profile will also help employees identify opportunities for growing trust and provide insights into why they should enhance their willingness to trust.

The Trust Style Inventory is different from other trust assessments because it is designed to protect the safety of respondents, increasing the chances of accurate, useful information organizations can use to support engagement and cultural change plans.

Instead of identifying the trustworthiness of respondents, the inventory provides insights into how people trust so they can take deliberate steps to learn new skills. The tool helps to create a sense of safety because no single TRUST STYLE is better than another, there are strengths and opportunities for growth for all trust styles.

Together with the Six Seconds suite of emotional intelligence assessments, the Trust Style Inventory can provide powerful insights.

Here is a list of Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence and other Assessments available through us:

Brain Brief Profiles:

Insightful 1-page snapshots into how people’s brains work, their top talents, and more. The profiles are an ideal way to measure EQ because they distill the full power of the robust SEI assessment, you get a super-simple tool that is still profound and transformative.

SEI Suite of Emotional Intelligence Assessments: 

This is a self-assessment that explores the eight EQ competencies that drive people-performance in a context of key performance outcomes (effectiveness, relationships, well-being, quality of life). The assessment helps your team members understand their individual levels of emotional intelligence, their strengths, and how they apply them. This assessment is a “B” level assessment and is debriefed by certified coaches.

– SEI Adult Version

– SEI Leadership Assessment

– SEI 360

Saville Wave Assessment:

The Wave Questionnaire is the most valid indicator of competency potential and cultural fit. It identifies talents, motives and preferred culture in one dynamic questionnaire and uses dual response format to help control distortion. On completion, high-quality graphic reports are produced, which are available in over 30 languages.