Yvette Bethel

As a consultant, strategic advisor, award-winning author, speaker, and founder of Organizational Soul Yvette Bethel understands the people side of organizations. Trust Across America Trust Around the World recognized her as one of the top 88 thought leaders in trust in 2020  and 2021. She was also recognized as the number one global thought leader in ecosystems by Thinkers 360 in 2021  and one of the top 150 women to watch in 2022. With these focal areas, she helps leaders resolve strategic cultural challenges, correct organizational design challenges, and build constructive cultures based on trust.

Yvette is a Fulbright Scholar who brings more than 35 years of corporate, government, and non-profit experience, to her clients. Her insights, ability to connect the dots, and willingness to be authentic in difficult conversations, bring lasting value to her client base.

Her Amazon best-selling, multiple award-winning book, Interconnectivity, Flow, and Balance introduces the IFB®  framework that provides fresh perspectives on persistent organizational challenges. Her insights are designed to shift leaders’ world views so they can stretch their organizations past perceived limits. The Interconnectivity, Flow & Balance®  framework is the foundation for our licensed program and courses and is based on the core values of integrity, self-mastery, and having a “we” disposition. These principles intertwine to create a pillar of trust that strengthens engagement, teams, and networks. Yvette’s work in trust and culture earned her the recognition as one of Trust Across America-Trust Around the World’s 2020 Top Thought Leaders in Trust. 

Yvette is the author of the CD audiobook, “Your Workplace Survival Kit” and books: “E.Q. Librium”, and “Getting to E.Q. Librium” which received a USA Best Book Award. As a conference speaker, Yvette has more than ten years experience presenting at professional conferences. Her professional speaking engagements are varied and include the 2013 Nexus EQ Conference at Harvard Medical School,  EQ Con in 2018, the Leaders Worth Following Conference at Wellesley College in 2019, and the Six Seconds, EQ Master Class in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in 2020.

Terrence Fountain

Terrence is an experienced Research Consultant based in The Bahamas with an accomplished history of working in the research industry. Terrence brings his  expertise in research, analytical skills, qualitative research, and survey design to the team at Organizational Soul. He is a valued preferred partner at Organizational Soul, supporting us with survey design, execution and analysis.

He is internationally recognized for his research skills, trusted by international agencies for his contributions. 

Terrence is a business development professional with a Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) focused on Epidemiology from Emory University.

Giuliano Bottelli

Giuliano is an entrepreneur in Milan, Italy who invests resources, time and thought in my great passions: communication and education. As a preferred partner, he brings his creative genius to the IFB innovation team, helping us innovate IFB games, facilitated activities and coaching tools.

In all his ventures he facilitates the construction of relational bridges (between people, in companies or with brands) activating horizons of trust.

How does Giuliano everything together? With people with great talent and passion.

Madalina Manolache

Madalina is a lifelong learner, with a “crush” for organizational psychology(feedback and trust especially). She is a learning and development specialist developing curricula for multiple courses.

With a Ph.D from the Transilvania University of Brasov in Romania she puts her talent to work, developing -trust courses for the IFB Academy.

As a trainer and a researcher, and instructional designer she is always developing new connections with knowledgeable and creative people. Madalina is an integral part of the IFB Academy, helping to bring trust courses to life.