As the authors of “The Healing Organization”-Ray Sisodia and Michael J. Gelb-so accurately put it, “How can there be an atmosphere of trust if policies and procedures assume that employees cannot be trusted.” To address structures that contradict the establishment of healthy trust-based organizations, our proprietary IFB® programs place an emphasis on attuning to multiple aspects of culture so priority deficiencies can be transformed simultaneously or successively, using a process of strategic balancing. Our consulting services and change program integrate developmental activities like coaching, mentoring, and training with structural and other cultural change tools designed to positively impact learning, sustain changes, and transform toxic cultures.

The framework for our proprietary Interconnectivity, Flow & Balance® educational programs and consulting services is grounded in trust and derived from the multiple award-winning book by the same name, “Interconnectivity, Flow, and Balance” by Yvette Bethel. The IFB® system is founded on the principle that organizations are living ecosystems that operate based on formal and informal norms, structures, and values.  

We work wholeheartedly with trust facilitators within our network providing consulting and advisory support to organizations as well as independent coaches, consultants, trainers, and change facilitators who want to continuously learn about the complexities of facilitating transformation using our educational programs and consulting services based on Interconnectivity, Flow & Balance® principles.

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