What is a Conscious Organization?

 In conscious organizations, employees and leaders are self-aware, growth-oriented, value-driven, and they cherish trust-based work relationships. They aren’t only committed to developing and sustaining quality individual interactions, they contribute to high functioning, self-aware ecosystems where employees are deliberate about the operation of their culture. The IFB proprietary system, Interconnectivity, Flow & Balance (or IFB) is the blueprint for conscious organizations and the foundation for our licensed, educational and strategic programs that are uniquely designed to help you build and sustain them.

Our IFB®  Consulting Services Support Cultural Transformation and Building Conscious Organizations

When you come to the realization that your organization’s culture is getting in the way of performance it is time to address it. All of our solutions integrate our proprietary Interconnectivity, Flow & Balance processes.

 Who Uses Our IFB® Solutions?

Our cultural transformation consulting,  licensed coaching programs, certifications, IFB tools and seminars are tailor-made for organizational change facilitators like Executives, Managers, Trainers, HR Professionals, Organizational Development Practitioners, Employee Relations, Diversity and Inclusion, and Cultural Transformation Specialists.  Solopreneurs and small business owners who are Coaches, Management Consultants, Trainers, and Change Facilitators can also benefit from our  solutions.

Why Consider Us?

“The costs of dysfunction threaten the very foundation of an organization. Not taking a thorough look into how the culture is functioning – or not – places a company at serious risk.”

Patricia Milligan, Global Leader of the Multinational Client Group at Mercer, a division of MMC

Trust is at The Heart of What We Do

Trust should be at the center of workplace relationships, but unfortunately, in “Command and Control” environments, this is not the norm.  We offer two Pillar of Trust Licensed coaching programs as well as two trust facilitator certifications, trust building activities, courses, and an assessment that organizational facilitators can implement.  Trust building is an inside-out process, so the tools should be facilitated with individuals and then teams.

 Trust-building and sustaining are long-term processes because relationships are dynamic. Clients who implement our IFB offerings understand this and choose to work with us because we don’t only address superficial challenges, we work toward peeling away the layers of unproductive leader and team behaviours so facilitators can address the root causes of dysfunction and distrust.

Here is What People are Saying 

“Self-awareness is the major breakthrough with the Pillar of Trust Program. Many times, employees being coached were unaware of the depth of their distrust. Based on our coaching conversations we developed an action plan. The steps taken, even if they seemed small at the time, had a huge effect!”

P. Stanley, Coach and Trainer

“This is the future for organizations which should be lead as ecosystems with a breathing enabling structure.”

H. Fagerholm, Co-Creative Evolutionary Coach

“I love the perspective on risk mitigation. The idea that you should mitigate risks by creating trusted leaders not more rules.”

B. Franklyn, Government Agency

“The program allows organizations to continue to grow. It treats an organization as a living thing. People don’t understand the living nature of systems. A living organism will do whatever it can to survive. This means dysfunction will do unless you are proactive about creating and sustaining a values-based culture.”

M. Lehigh, Executive, Financial Services

“The Pillar of Trust Program is about change from the inside out and this is powerful. Individuals need to look at themselves first, then they can address unproductive organizational systems. The Pillar of Trust Program is so robust. It challenges how people trust.”

K. Moore, Coach and Trainer

The Foundation of the IFB Framework

The IFB methodology goes much deeper than most business methods, frameworks, or techniques I’ve come across. It is truly transparadigm, and therefore transformative. You can use it to move people and organizations away from the worn-out playbook of linear models and point them in a direction that helps them create a dynamic, vital reality!  ~ E.Clamp, Consultant and Professor

Interconnectivity, Flow & Balance®

An Out-of-the Box Framework for Building Conscious Organizations.

Everything within an organization operates within an interconnected ecosystem. This connectivity supports communication, productivity, and other types of flow that have a personality and tempo of their own. In dynamic workplaces, interconnectivity and flow are enhanced by the process of balancing multiple tensions which is an important prerequisite for organizational adaptability and sustainability in an unpredictable, complex environment.

Our multiple award-winning and Amazon best-selling book introduces the Interconnectivity, Flow & Balance®  model as a road map to both self-transformation and building conscious organizations. We transformed the IFB® principles into practical consulting and educational programs that can help you with both simple and complex people challenges.