Interconnectivity, flow, and balance are three natural laws that operate within all organizational ecosystems. Because a variety of values contribute to cultural artefacts within ecosystems, it is important for leaders to understand the inner working of their culture(s) so they can better address evolving challenges as the world become more unpredictable. 

By learning to harness interconnectivity, flow, balance and trust in ways that challenge outdated leadership paradigms, leaders can improve employee engagement as well as organizational profitability, sustainability and impact. The IFB® Leadership model develops leaders from the inside-out in an effort to bring about long-term transformation at both the individual and team levels.

So Why Get Certified As an IFB Leader?

More and more executives are at a stage where they have to reimagine their operations because what worked in the past is no longer as effective. Effectiveness is critical in our changing context and the IFB framework is ideal for leading from a new perspective. Here are a few reasons why IFB leadership is essential: 

Non-thriving cultures are 10x more likely to be negatively impacted by crisis than thriving cultures. ~2021 Global Culture Report, O.C. Tanner

53% of employees are disengaged and disengagement is costly. Disengaged workers have 37% higher absenteeism, 49% more accidents, and 60% more errors. ~GALLUP AND QUEENS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS

Executives are shifting their focus from optimizing work to reimagining work. ~WSJ

Who Can Benefit From The TSI Certification?

Coaches, Consultants, Change Facilitators, HR Practitioners, OD specialists, Executives, Managers, Business Owners and more can benefit from the TSI Certification. There are no pre-requisite certifications.

Course Content

Here is what the certification covers:

  • Using IFB® to challenge the traditional leadership paradigm.

  • Strengthening Your Pillar of Trust 

  • Designing Your Interconnective Infrastructure

  • High performing communication for ecosystems

  • Flow Motion

  • Dynamic Balancing

  • Integration

Course Structure:

  • 10 hours self-study

  • Nine, 2 hour online webinars

  • A coaching assignment

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