Licensed Pillar of Trust Coaching Program


Distrust is at the center of many interpersonal challenges within organizations and with our licensed programs, you can support individuals with meaningful transformation, facilitating improved trust where possible.

We provide two types of coaching programs. This program targets coaches of individuals who support employees and leaders with transforming how they trust. The second program is for team trust building and cultural transformation. We provide engaging activities, games and reflection tools you can use to build healthier relationships. You can use these licensed programs individually or together, depending on the needs of the organization.


The individual coaching program focuses on supporting employees and leaders with understanding how they trust and how this impacts the people around them. We provide facilitator training, monthly facilitator support, access to an online coaching platform, and a carefully crafted manual for licensed trust facilitators that provides you with a variety of proven trust building tools like the Trust Style Inventory (TSI), Trust Reflection Cards, and many other engaging trust building tools.