The Advanced Trust Facilitator Certification:

Trust is a complex dynamic and as a facilitator, it is important to navigate your own trust as you facilitate nuanced, layered, and sometimes unstable situations. The TSI Certification is a prerequisite for this certification because the Advanced Trust Facilitator (ATF) Certification helps you uncover trust patterns more expertly, helps you to become adaptive with your trust style so you can support others, and it helps you understand trust from an ecosystem perspective, providing facilitators with tools they can use to help strengthen team trust. Advanced facilitators are well equipped to help clients to navigate the uncertainty and dynamism of relationships.

So Why Get Certified as an Advanced Trust Facilitator?

Trust or distrust is deeply embedded within relationship-based, organizational dynamics like conflict resolution, cultural transformation, agility, leadership, and performance. Here are a few interesting and relevant statistics:

62% of variation in KPIs related to productivity, retention, customer focus & future success is predicted by trust. ~SIX SECONDS

53% of employees are disengaged and disengagement is costly. Disengaged workers have 37% higher absenteeism, 49% more accidents, and 60% more errors. ~GALLUP AND QUEENS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS

Even if a team has been successful in the past, and even if the would follow their leader into a burning building, their trust in one another, or lack of it, is still likely to make a difference in the team’s performance. ~TRUST DATA META-ANALYSIS BY BART DE JONG AND COLLEAGUES

Who Can Benefit From The ATF Certification?

Coaches, Consultants, Change Facilitators, HR Practitioners, OD specialists, Executives, Managers, Business Owners and more can benefit from the TSI Certification. There are no pre-requisite certifications.

Course Content

Here is what the certification covers:

  • A Deep Dive into the Integrity, Emotional Mastery and We Disposition Trust Styles

  • Shadow Trust Styles

  • Personality Disorders

  • The Spiral of Trust

  • Exploring How you Trust

  • Trust Willingness and Trustworthiness

  • Breaking Through Trust Barriers

  • Building Trust Strategies

  • Culture and Trust

  • Living Values vs. Espoused Values

  • A Trust Case Study and Transformation Model

– Practice: You will complete a coaching assignment and reflect on the learning

Course Structure:

– 25 hours self-study

– Four, 2 hour online webinars

– A coaching assignment

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