IFB Book
IFB Book
Interconnectivity, Flow, and Balance

Do you view change as an occasional nuisance to deal with?
Or, rather, an inherent condition of any organization?

In organizational ecosystems, change is constant. Everything’s interconnected, and the continuous everyday interactions between and amongst the ecosystem’s people and their environment create a state of balance.

FACT: The inherent qualities of natural ecosystems—including constant change—exist in organizations.

But most companies view change as a necessary evil that requires resources they don’t have. The result? They’re reactive, always bracing for the next “unexpected” crisis. By contrast, a company that builds its operation on a foundation of trust and systemically incorporates change as a constant, will be far more adaptable, resilient and responsive—crucial attributes for peak performance in uncertain times.

The IFB℠ Proprietary Model is for organizations wrestling with:

– Outdated, inefficient or sluggish processes
– Low employee engagement and retention
– Slow responses to change

EBook available for pre-order starting November 17, 2018