Introducing the Trust Style Inventory

“You are 26 times more likely to have high trust if you have positive emotional valence (mood) in your organization”  ~ Six Seconds

Perfect For Executives, Managers, Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants, HR, Organizational Development, and Change Facilitators!

According to Six Seconds, the largest global emotional intelligence network, “Trust predicts 62% of variation in KPIs” (KPIs include Productivity, Retention, Customer Focus & Future Success.) Therefore strengthening is especially important when employee engagement and productivity are not what they should be.

The Trust Style Inventory (TSI) was created by Organizational Soul and Six Seconds. The TSI is a validated, unique TRUST instrument that has emotional intelligence built into the design.

We built it this way because trust instruments can be scary in uncertain environments. To reduce anxiety and increase response accuracy, the TSI measures how people trust instead of their trustworthiness.

Join award-winning Author, Yvette Bethel for this Free 90 minutes webinar to explore this revolutionary self-assessment. In this session, Yvette will explore the TSI with you as well as concepts you can add to your relationship-building arsenal immediately. You will learn about:

  • Interconnectivity, Flow and Balance
  • The Pillar of Trust
  • The Trust Style Inventory
  • Trust Building Tools and Courses