CEOs and business owners use the Interconnectivity, Flow & Balance℠ consulting services when they are ready to grow or expand their organizations and they are experiencing tensions that are restricting progress. These companies may be experiencing product demand that is outpacing the capacity of the business, the need to merge teams or toxic cultures. In any of these situations, circumstances can be compounded by ineffective leadership, impaired trust, untapped capacity, and previously unsuccessful change implementations. This is where IFB Consulting services can provide the necessary solutions.

IFB℠ consultancies have the best chance of success when CEOs and business owners are serious about transforming their businesses, willing to participate in deep self-transformational work, and courageous enough to make difficult decisions.  We use our methods and strategies to facilitate multiple layers of change, sometimes simultaneously, other times consecutively, depending on your reality.

Our Proprietary Change Model-Interconnectivity, Flow, & Balance

IFB consulting services are based on our proprietary change framework, Interconnectivity, Flow & Balance which is a holistic approach to change that regards organizations as ecosystems and equips leaders with modern leadership skills that treat change as a constant and balances dynamic tensions. Most of our Interconnectivity, Flow & Balance projects start by building trust because distrust is a root cause of multiple people challenges.  The second step within the IFB℠ consulting process is to map relationships to understand the patterns of behaviour, how power is distributed, how people communicate and the rules of engagement within the ecosystem.

How We Consult with You

Our IFB consultants work closely with CEOs, business owners, and their teams because we believe in empowering our clients to sustain changes once we complete our consulting goals.  As we co-facilitate the implementation of IFB plans, we teach, coach, and mentor leaders and organizational change facilitators so they understand our proprietary Interconnectivity, Flow & Balance℠ model, and why they are doing what they are doing.

IFB Consulting Services

Here is a list of consulting solutions that integrate the principles of Interconnectivity, Flow & Balance:

  • Organizational Restructuring Projects

  • Cultural Change Strategies

  • Building Conscious Organizations 

  • Internal Communication Strategies

  • Organizational Trust Building

We recognize no two IFB℠ consultancies are alike, so let’s have a conversation to explore the possibility of working together.  If you are curious, CONTACT US for a free, no-pressure consultation.