The Trust Style Inventory (TSI) Certification

The Assessment:

The Trust Style InventoryTM (TSI) is an “A” level psychometric that measures how people trust. It is based on the principles of the Pillar of Trust IFB℠ Model and the Six Seconds KCG Emotional Intelligence Model. Because of this, the assessment offers a very important feature that other trust psychometrics don’t: It is an emotionally intelligent instrument designed to provide respondents with a sense of safety because no trust style is better than another.

So why get certified to use the Trust Style InventoryTM?

Trust or distrust is deeply embedded within relationship-based, organizational dynamics like conflict resolution, cultural transformation, agility, leadership, and performance. Here are a few supporting statistics:

62% of variation in KPIs related to productivity, retention, customer focus & future success is predicted by trust.



53% of employees are disengaged and disengagement is costly. Disengaged workers have 37% higher absenteeism, 49% more accidents, and 60% more errors. ~GALLUP AND QUEENS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS

Even if a team has been successful in the past, and even if they would follow their leader into a burning building, their trust in one another, or lack of it, is still likely to make a difference in the team’s performance.




Who Can Benefit From The TSITM Certification?

Coaches, Consultants, Change Facilitators, HR Practitioners, OD specialists, Executives, Managers, Business Owners and more can benefit from the TSITM Certification. There are no pre-requisite certifications.


Course Content

Here is what the certification involves:

The Basics of Trust

Discovering the Pillar of Trust

Interpreting the Trust Style InventoryTM

Using the Trust Style InventoryTM to coach and develop individuals

Using the Trust Style InventoryTM to coach and transform teams

Using Trust Coaching Tools

Practicing: You will complete a coaching assignment and reflect on the learning

Course Structure:

4-5 hours self-study

Two, 2 hour online webinars

A coaching assignment


The Six Seconds Connection

The Trust Style InventoryTM is a specialty emotional intelligence tool that can be used along with the SEI tools (SEI Leadership, SEI LTC, Brain Brief etc.) and the OVS suite of tools to enrich coaching and training programs. As a certified member of the Six Seconds Network, you are eligible to receive 12 ACE units for the TSITM Certification.


Upcoming TSITM Certification Dates:

January 13th, 2021

March 10th, 2021



How to Register

To register for the TSITM Certification you can complete the Registration Form at: REGISTRATION FORM. If you are not quite ready and you have a few questions, you can Contact Us here: EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM. In the “What are you interested in learning about?” section, please state: “The TSI Certification ”.